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Was the Change to the Trinity Doctrine Progressive Truth as Claimed?

Adventists are told that it was progressive truth that took God's remnant Church from the non-Trinitarian view to the trinity doctrine. But that is not progressive truth but a total reversal on the most important of all doctrines.


Adventists are expected to believe that God gave many important truths to His remnant Church but never told them what the correct view was on the Godhead, which is a salvation issue. The truth on the Godhead is just as important as the truth on the Sabbath, as you cannot have true worship with the Father and Son if you have this wrong.


You hear so often Adventists say, “Ellen White was wrong about her understanding of God, and she came to the Trinitarian understanding later on.”


Well there is a problem with this. First she was raised as a Methodist who still worship a trinity god to this day. So she already knew about the trinity.  Ellen White received nearly countless visions and among some of her very first visions was the truth that the Father is indeed a Father and Jesus is begotten literally, and hence is the literal Son of God just as the Bible tells us over and over again.


So Ellen White could not have come out of the trinity doctrine belief, accept the non-Trinitarian truth, and then go back to the trinity god again and be a true messenger of the Lord.  If one would only care enough to take the time to check, they would find that Ellen White wrote non-Trinitarian statements until her death. This means the quotes from her that have been abused and misunderstood are just that, abused and misunderstood.  Quoted without the context and totality of what she wrote, and often ignoring the Bible to begin with.  Folks want a short cut on what to believe, so they just take what the pastor spoon feeds them.


Adventists are also expected to believe that God sent Ellen White from place to place, correcting others with false doctrines while allowing His own Church to believe the worst false doctrine of all. 


“I was sent by the Lord from place to place to rebuke those who were holding these false doctrines. There were those who were in danger of going into fanaticism, and I was bidden in the name of the Lord to give them a warning from heaven.” — Ellen White, Review and Herald, May 25, 1905


So even though God instructed Ellen White to do this, God supposedly never told His own remnant they were in error.  Is it important to know if God and Christ are a real Father and Son, OR a 3 in 1 god that is just role playing? Your salvation depends on it.  God would have corrected such an error in an instant. But He did not have to as He gave this truth as one of the foundations of our faith from the beginning.  This is why God also told her to recommend the non-Trinitarian writings of the Pioneers.


The change to the trinity doctrine took place very slowly over many decades. It did not get into the fundamental beliefs for 108 years since the first statement made in 1872. Many outside of our denomination wanted to know what we believe.  So this was outlined for others to bear witness.  What a great apostate change that came about in 1980. Most people don't even know it happened and it was not official until 136 years after the Church started to formulate coming out of the what took place in 1844 as the Great Disappontment. There is only one spirit that does things slowly over time, so as not to be noticed. That is the spirit of satan!


But let's make this even clearer. The Lord also instructed Ellen White from the very beginning to correct others who were teaching false ideas regarding God more than once.


“After the passing of the time in 1844, we had fanaticism of every kind to meet. Testimonies of reproof were given me to bear to some holding spiritualistic theories. There were those who were active in disseminating false ideas in regard to God. Light was given me that these men were making the truth of no effect by their false teachings. I was instructed that they were misleading souls by presenting speculative theories regarding God. This is only one of the instances in which I was called upon to rebuke those who were presenting the doctrine of an impersonal God pervading all nature, and similar errors.” — Ellen White, 8T, 292, par.4, 5, 293, par. 3


With the above quote in mind consider the following.

     1) How could Ellen White correct others on false ideas and speculative theories about God if she was in error herself?

     2) Why would God be content for His own Church to be in error for decades and yet see the urgency to correct others?

     3) And why is there no record of her instructing a change to the trinity doctrine? She only used the word once and it wasn’t to support that doctrine.

There is no record of Ellen White telling anyone she had become a Trinitarian and instructing the Church to change. If she failed to inform others of such a change, then she would have failed in her duty as a messenger of the Lord.  Would God instruct Ellen White to go from place to place rebuking those holding false doctrines while allowing His own remnant Church to hold the worst false doctrine of all?


How could God's messenger correct others on false ideas about Him if her own understanding was false? That is not even possible! God's remnant Church had the God given truth the entire time Ellen White was alive. It was not until after her death and that of the Pioneers, that error was able to be brought into the Adventist Church.  So don't let anyone try and tell you that the change to the trinity doctrine was progressive truth.  These are lies from theologians and scholars.  This same lineage of leaders assembled together in 1919 (four years after Sister White died) for a secretive gathering (Bible and Teachers Conference) attempting at that time to bring in their theories and changes.  There was lots of push back.  But over time, the resistance would become a minority as the church was flooded with new Sunday converts bringing in their Trinitarian beliefs. 


Stop and think about this for a moment.  If the trinity doctrine were true, then every mainstream Church that arose after the Protestant reformation (God calls them the daughters of Babylon) would have been the only Churches with truth. The only mainstream Church in error would have been God's very own remnant Church, which was also the only Church that had a real messenger to guide them.


Did you get that?  All the daughters of Babylon had truth, but God's remnant was the only Church in error!  It cannot be God's remnant if it is in extreme error, while the all others had the truth. And while God's very own remnant Church with its very own messenger was supposedly the only Church in error, God sent her to other places to correct others with false ideas and theories about God.


Again, did you get that?  God's remnant Church and His end time messenger were the only ones with false ideas about God, and God is sending her to correct others with false ideas about God. How can she correct others with false ideas about God when she and God's very own remnant Church would have been the only Church with false ideas about God? Progressive truth they say!  No!  It was progressive error that was slowly brought in over time so it wouldn’t be noticed!


It should be very clear that Adventists have been lied to. The whole idea of progressive truth and God's very own remnant Church with a real messenger to guide them being the only Church in error mocks and insults God.


Not only that, but Ellen White was a Methodist and all the other pioneers were also various Protestants.  The trinity doctrine was one of the pillars of Protestantism that came from Catholicism.  So how is it that none of the pioneers or Ellen White were no longer Trinitarian according to their church affiliations? The answer should be obvious!


Some Adventists go into denial and claim that God would never allow error to get into His Church.  But Ellen White in fact informed us that serious errors would enter the Adventist Church as seen previously.  And one of these came in a warning that “our religion would be changed.” (Selected Messages book 1, p. 204.2, 1903.)  How do you change religions without changing denominations?  You change the God that is being worshipped.  This would happen 77 years later!!


You continually find such statements being perpetuated in the Adventist Church. “God would never allow that to happen”, or “just because it is Catholic, that does not mean it is wrong”, or “Ellen White was non-Trinitarian and then became a Trinitarian later in life”.  Many such lies are constantly being perpetuated to keep Adventists trapped in a serious lie from Satan.


Don’t believe the lie that has made you comfortable.  Search for the truth that will at first make you uncomfortable because of the past confusion.  If you trust the leading of the Spirit of God, the same Spirit that led our early people in earnest prayer and study, (not a mystery ghost referred to as a god the holy ghost, not some other third being), he will assist you in finding the truth.


As Ellen White has stated in the past, “it is not safe to catch the spirit from another.”  (Letter 66, April 10, 1894, par. 18.)

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