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Transition changes in the Belief about Jesus Christ

This chart gives us a good glimpse at the condition of change within our church regarding the belief of exactly who Jesus Christ is.  Is He truly the only Begotten Son of God?  A Son that existed sometime in eternity but had a beginning like the Pioneers and Sister White believed and taught?  Or is he now a third of a truine God or one of the three persons within the trinity doctrine?  God in three persons, blessed trinity? The term "god the son" comes from the academic world of higher education that originated from the Jesuits.  It is filled with scholars, and we are told that we cannot understand it.  The Bible doesn't read as it appears or what it actually says.  No.  You need someone of higher education and stature to tell you what it means.  You need to listen to what the leadership says it is.  Well, our beloved people that started this faith would not agree.

As a minority in the world, these early Seventh-Day Adventists were the only non-trinitarians of their time.  But they made up the majority by far in our church.  And as they witnessed and brought people into the church, guess who they were bringing in?  Trinitarians!  Sunday keepers. These would be people from different denominations that bought into the message of our time.  However, they brought with them, their idea about who God is.  And they would easily become the new majority. 


And men that came in with leadership roles, came in with the thought process that something was wrong with what we believed.  They needed to fix it.  However, nothing was broken.  And there was resistance in the church to change.  Therefore, time was needed.  Time for the "old-timers" (Leroy Froom, church historian) and the roots of their generations that needed to die off.  Did you get that?  They actually needed to wait for people to die in order for them to make the changes.  There was actually an agenda.  These leaders would not be inspired by God, but by His enemy.  And that was the beginning of change.

Today we see the result of the change.  But most are asleep in the pews.  And unless you adhere to the "28 Fundamental Beliefs", then there is a problem.  Don't worry about that book not aligning with the Scriptures, you need to believe in the book called the "28 Fundamental Beliefs" or you might have your membership card pulled from the church.

Swing in change in the belief about the Son of God
1844 to 1980 time chart in regards to the trinity belief
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